Meraki by Sprish

Sprish Studio, a slow fashion brand based in Kolkata, has been on a mission to create something special for plus-size ladies. As a result, they collaborated with C4 Solutions to help come up with ideas to promote this cause.

Sprish Studio, which is profoundly rooted in Bengali traditions, carried its art in the form of sarees and travelled the vast stretches of the country to reach the lovely state of Goa.

Sprish, combined with Goa’s flavours, formed a lovely mash-up of culture, art, tradition and history. Meraki by Sprish- Traversing from East to West came about in this way.

The concept was to cast seven distinct women from various backgrounds to show how they bring about change by breaking stereotypes. It was all about being comfortable in their own skin.

The entire campaign was curated by C4 Solutions through visually appealing creatives. The campaign was well-received and the brand gained recognition in the competitive fashion industry.