Before signing any contracts, it’s crucial to ask the correct questions if you’re considering switching PPC agencies in India or if you need assistance managing your in-house PPC campaigns.

It’s crucial that you completely comprehend the specifics of a suggested strategy and how your campaigns will be managed before deciding which agency to hire. If formalities like account ownership are not initially agreed to, they may lead to problems in the future.

We at C4 Solutions have compiled a list of 10 questions that you should know when beginning a new agency agreement.

1. How often will we communicate and/or meet?

The greatest PPC agencies in India will make sure you meet at least once a month. Your account’s performance should be discussed, and any issues raised should be immediately rectified, during this meeting. Email exchanges should be conducted often. Keywords, niche relevance, and updates that can have a positive or negative impact on the account are all topics that are frequently discussed.

2. What kind of experience do you acquire?

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, effective PPC is highly complex, and you’ll be putting a lot of trust in the firm you choose. You should choose a PPC agency in India that has a lot of experience managing profitable search engine marketing campaigns for companies across many industries.

By asking this question, you can be sure that the agency you choose has the skills necessary to effectively focus on paid search and maximise the efforts related to your marketing campaign. The agency should have Google AdWords certifications, and these certifications should be clearly displayed on the agency’s website. Also, their company profile should be validated through Google.

3. How transparent is your agency?

While looking for a collaboration with a PPC agency in India, it’s critical to assess how willing they are to share both their level of experience and fundamental information with you. In the field of internet commerce, ‘transparency’ is a common term used to describe this. To ensure your success, you should always be aware of what’s happening with your account and what the agency is doing. One of two things is usually happening when an agency gives evasive responses and hides the true state of your advertising campaigns: a) the agency may not have the expertise necessary to run your campaign, or b) they are not investing enough time and effort in making sure you succeed.

4. What is the retention rate of your clients?

Every PPC agency in India with a strong commitment to their work and a track record of success working with businesses should have a high client retention rate. You should also ask about their clientele when reviewing this. If an agency is a market leader in PPC advertising, it will offer a wide variety of PPC packages to companies in many industrial sectors. At least 90% of clients are routinely retained by the top PPC agencies. If the agency you’re thinking about meets this standard, it means that they have a history of successfully achieving the objectives of their clients.

5. Do you need a long-term contract?

You should leave right away if the PPC agency in which you are interested demands a commitment under a long-term contract. A competent PPC agency in India should always be able to show the effects of their operations. In other words, they must frequently be able to demonstrate how they add to your value. Choose agencies that take on short-term contracts since they will help you succeed as much as possible.

6. What kinds of reports do you offer?

It is crucial that you receive frequent analytics reports on your success when working with a PPC agency. The top PPC agencies in India will be able to deliver thorough, personalised reports. Regular reports will give you a thorough overview of the state of your PPC campaign and allow you to assess the effects that any new advertisements have had on the performance of your website or marketing efforts. They will also give you insight into your target audience.

7. Who has access to the AdWords account and under what circumstances?

You need to make sure that you have total control over your AdWords account when working with a PPC agency in India. Always create your own account, highlighting your ownership with your login details and billing information. ‘My Client Center’ or ‘MCC’ accounts should be used exclusively by the companies that offer paid advertising services to your company.

8. How do you make sure my objectives are met?

It is crucial to understand how the PPC agency in India will make sure that your objectives for your internet business are reached before selecting one. The majority of the time, this will be done using metrics that were especially created to gauge how successful your campaign was. The agency must be able to translate the measurements they employ into a clear explanation of the return on investment.

9. What happens if I choose a different agency or handle my PPC internally?

If you decide to leave a PPC agency, a good and effective PPC firm won’t hold your account or the data connected to it hostage. The best firms will make sure you are ready to proceed and may even give you a useful plan to help you be successful in your endeavours.

10. Do you provide landing page optimization?

Even if not all PPC agencies do it, the better ones do offer landing page testing and optimization. To ensure the success of your internet business, you need to confirm that the agency you choose to entrust with this service provides it. The total success of the PPC campaign depends heavily on the landing page’s performance. Regular testing is necessary to ensure that your website is built to convert more effectively over time.

Concluding Thoughts

Pay-per-Click, also known as PPC, is an excellent form of advertising that specifically targets customers looking for the goods and services you provide. PPC is crucial for your success online and works in accordance with your SEO efforts. By deciding to work with a qualified PPC agency in India that uses efficient approaches, you will boost your return on investment, achieve the best results, gain expertise in the online business environment, get dedicated assistance, and advance your search engine optimization knowledge. Make sure you choose just the top PPC agency in India by using the questions in this blog as a starting point. Get in touch with C4 Solutions if you’re interested in learning more about how to choose the ideal PPC agency in India for your company and how they can drastically boost your sales. We’d be happy to share our experienced knowledge about the same with you!

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